Subject: Discount + White Label Bonus Going Away Soon (5 Hours LEFT)

UPDATE: Just 5 hours left to grab the plugin with a big discount + getting all my EXCLUSIVE bonus.


Plugins can make your website load slower.

That's why I only ONE RULE: never have more than 5 plugins on my sites. And this All-In-One Plus plugin is really helping.

If you own a Wordpress site then this is the SINGLE MOST and in fact the ONLY plugin you need to install on your site ;-)

- Email From Earlier -

Hi there,

There's a huge buzz around this AIO+ plugin so far, and I'm adding a new bonus plugin called WP Smart Monitoring (with WhiteLabel license!) for you:


The big price increase will happen today Friday at 11:59pm EST.

If you haven't secured your copy, today is the last day to grab the plugin with a big discount + getting all my EXCLUSIVE bonus.

And b-T-w..

1 of my teeth (upper left wisdom tooth) just got cracked in half yesterday, I chew something hard and it just broke ;-(

No wonder because that tooth was quite troublesome and should've been extracted few years ago.

But I didn't attend the schedule, haha.

Sooo I'm gonna see a dentist tomorrow. The tooth is broken in a way that it scratch my tongue - not quite big of a deal but still making me uncomfortable.

Anyway, before we split up, check out my newly added bonus below, and let me know if you have any questions :)


Leo (BCBiz)

PS. If you've already grab AIO plugin from me, you can access my new bonus from the bonus download page, or reply this email if you lost the download link

:) :)

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