Subject: Create Optimized Websites In Minutes (Your Coupon + Exclusive Bonus)

Hi there,

A new Wordpress software called All in One Plugin was launched yesterday.

If you missed it out yesterday, you can still grab a copy with discounted price using this coupon oode: 10%off.


It's going to help you to setup your Wordpress website with everything it needs. AIO+ is a simple to use but extremely powerful software that lets you set up a Wordpress site in less than 30 seconds.

All In One plugin also includes 3 additional software you can use with your wordpres website:

Link Vault:
This is a link cloaking software you can use to create custom URLs that look good.

CTA Maker:
This allows you to create Call To Action buttons you can use on your Wordpress pages to direct your visitors attention and get them taking action.

Geo Booster
This allows you to choose what visitors from where can view your content.

If you want to save time setting up Wordpress and add all of the best plugins and customized settings this software will do a great job.

Plus, you'll also get my fantastic 4 bonuses:


Check it out once again then post a comment there or just hit Reply if you have any questions.

Leo (BCBiz)
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