Subject: [CovertActionBar 2.0 Is Live] Simplest Tools For Higher Clicks! :)

Hi there,

Covert ActionBar v2 is officially live!

This cool plugin tap into the psychology
tools created by Microsoft to compel
people to click on any offer you want :)


This simple, but amazingly powerful
plugin creates an action bar that is very
hard for visitors not to click on..

.. it even puts a sound to grab visitors
attention even more! ;-)

Covert ActionBar 2.0 is currently being
discounted starting at only $7.

You will also get these 4 bonuses today:

BONUS 1: TrueNews WP Theme
BONUS 2: WP OptimizeX Plugin
BONUS 3: WP XProtect Plugin
BONUS 4: Deals Affiliate WP Theme

Check out CovertActionBar and my
bonuses right here:


Leo (BCBiz)

PS. The launch discount is running for
4 days only. So do take advantage on
this deal if you haven't had this plugin.

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