Subject: [Coming Today] New WP Plugin: Video + Amazon Site Builder..

In just minutes away from now (at 11am EDT), a new Wordpress plugin is launching that allows you to creates awesome affiliate sites, filled with high-quality videos, with just a few clicks.

It's named AutoVidProfit, see the video demo below:

The plugin runs really nice, the features are:

[+] Automatically curate and post videos from youtube
[+] Instantly builds a Video site for you.
[+] 100% autopilot, set & forget wordpress plugin
[+] Add up to 50 Campaigns per site.
[+] Automatic SEO for all your posts.
[+] Drive Traffic from 2 of the top social sites in the world.
[+] Traffic Module - Automatically Shares content to Facebook & Twitter.
[+] Monetization Module - Automatically display high converting Amazon products on every post, or add your own banner ads

I'll send you another email when the earlybird opens in just minutes from now. Meanwhile, check out the demo below:


And you can reply to this email if you have any questions :)

Leo (BCBiz)
:) :)

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