Subject: [Coming Today] All Your SEO Need In 1 Dashboard? ( software!)

In just minutes away from now (at 11am EDT), we're going to see a new tool that allows you to take care of all you SEO needs inside one user-friendly dashboard..

.. it's a cloud based software called SERP Scribe.

If you'd like a tool that can get you fresh content for your blog or affiliate site, uncovers profitable keywords & creates safe ‘authority’ backlinks then SERP Scribe will be very useful for you as an online marketer!

Watch the demo video here:

I like the software, it's 100% cloud based and for just a single payment you'll get access to all its features such as:

[+] Push button keywords & domains research
[+] Create 100% unique content in 1-click
[+] Mass submit articles to all your WP sites
[+] Automatically build authority backlinks to your sites or videos

I'll send you another email when the earlybird opens in just minutes from now. Meanwhile, check out the demo below:


And you can reply to this email if you have any questions :)

Leo (BCBiz)
:) :)

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