Subject: [Closing DAY] Did You Claim Your Lifetime Cloud-Hosting Bonus?

Heads Up,

If you've been looking for a fast reliable hosting to host your WP sites with unmetered bandwith, unlimited free SSL + WP Clone & Management Hub, etc. 8WebHosting is closing down tonight.

=>> Get Your 8 Years of Fast SSL Hosting [cart closing]

Today is your last chance to save yourself from hosting fees until 2027 - use coupon "eightsave5" when you checkout to get $5 off.

Just to compare, with Hostgator you'll end up paying $950+ for 8 years while with 8WebHosting it's only 1/10 of that for the WHOLE eight years with all of these:

[+] 16 GB SSD storage with UNMETERED bandwith
[+] 2 free domain names + domain privacy for 8 years
[+] Unlimited subdomains, unlimited SSL certificates
[+] Manage all your WP sites from 1 Central Hub
[+] Clone WP sites, create WP staging, etc
[+] And many more

It's now or never to get EIGHT years of reliable hosting for your eCom stores, news site or affiliate sites.

+PLUS as you know that any hosting account practically only good for 10-15 Wordpress sites.. if you ADD more sites, they'll load slower.

So if you want to build more WP sites, we're giving you a LIFETIME cloud-environment cPanel hosting as a free bonus (a $197 valued).

See full details about our Cloud Hosting bonus here:

Here are some best things that differentiate our Cloud-Infrastructure Hosting from other regular hosting:

.. Your site loads 2x faster, comes with 5x bigger inodes limit and if a server issue arises, your site is automatically switched to another server preventing unnecessary downtime ;-)

=>> Start Using 8-WebHosting & Our Lifetime Bonus Now (Closed Tonight)

Leo (BCBiz)


Take the first step and the entire universe will be working in your favor.


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