Subject: Build Traffic-Seeking WP Site at Your Will (super rare bonus)

Hey there,

The best experience of running your own news website is even if some topics getting not so trending anymore, traffic will still COMING in.

But searching for daily trending topics to post requires lots of work, unless you're using this plugin to automate the news content searching + posting:


Google tends to rank news sites higher because they provide fresh content when new trending topic comes out..

.. And with WP NewsRanker you can quickly build news website which pulling the latest trending articles for any niche/topic you like without need to write news content yourself ;-)

Bonus: Rank Your WP News Site 3x Faster Than Others

The plugin has quickly become popular since yesterday and so far 300+ people have bought it..

.. HOWEVER their news sites ranking will get nowhere near yours because while they just getting the plugin only, you get the plugin +PLUS these bonuses:

BONUS #1: 300+ Social/Wiki/PressRelease Backlinks
To make sure your news site gets indexed and rank faster on Google

BONUS #2: No API Amazon WP Plugin
To monetize your news site with Amazon without API keys needed (plus the plugin comes with auto geotargeting links feature!)

BONUS #3: WP TrafficRescue Plugin
To catch exit traffic, the plugin will display your affiliate offer within a popup when someone is about to leave your WP site.

=>> Start Building Your Traffic-Seeking WP News Site Today

PS. The plugin can be setup in just about 5 minutes, so you can actually build multiple news websites around any topic in just one day ;-)

Leo (BCBiz)

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