Subject: *Bonus Corrected* - Yes.. We Do Like The 1-Click Tools!

*** Thanks to Gene and Andrew they informed me
about broken link on the bonus download.

All download links are 100% working now ***

Hi there,

We constantly hear about all these magic, 1 click tools..

Almost all of them are nothing but junk right?

Hence, here is ONE that actually works:


Yes I know this is quite identical to my plugin, 1ClickWpSetUp.

Most businesses won't recommend their competitor..

However if the product can be useful for you then
it's my responsibility to inform you.

A short BREAKDOWN, this plugin will:

- Delete The Demo Posts, Pages and Comments.
- Change The Permalink Structure To %PostName%
- Create Your About, Contact Us and Privacy Policy
- Install & Activate All The Essential Plugins
- Create Posts For All Your Desired Keywords
- Add Relevant YouTube Videos To All Posts

BONUS (valid until this weekend)

I've included several Premium WP Theme as
a special bonus for you. FULL details here:


This plugin literally saves you 30-60 minutes
every time you setup a WordPress Blog.

If you have any questions please let me know :o)

Kind regards,
Leo (BCBiz)
:-) :-)

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