Subject: Best Software To Backup & Protect Your Youtube Account

Hi there,

If you use Youtube then it's recommended
to have a backup of your channel, playlist
and videos.

=>> And this software is the complete backup solution

TubeBackupRestore is a cost effective,
backup and restore solution for video
marketers like you.

[+] Use it to backup & clone your own channels
[+] Use it to spy on your competitor channels
[+] Use it to download videos from ANY channels & playlist


You can even use it to offer a backup
& restore service to your clients.

All the video data will be downloaded!

Including the video descriptions, Titles,
Tags, thumbnails, the actual Video file,
comments and more ;-)

Download the software right here:


Leo (BCBiz)
:) :)

PS. Use TubeBackupRestore for protection
and backup your channels.

If something happens to your account,
then you simply upload your backup to
a new one and your back in action.

=>> Click here to get the software

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