Subject: Backup and Restore Your WP Site In 1-Click

Hard disks fail, WordPress sites get hacked, incompatible WP core, plugin or theme upgrades may cause your site to crash.

Or even getting the "Error Establishing 
Database Connection" notice.

Leading to the loss of traffic, trust, rankings and ultimately your revenue. It's a good idea NOT to wait till you need the backup - and that’s what the new plugin by Dr Alex is all about.

=>> See the PLUGIN walkthrough video right here

WP Backup Boss allows you to create, manually or automatically, an unlimited number of backup/snapshots of your WordPress site.

Having the working snapshot of your site means that your revenue, traffic and rankings are all protected! :)

With this plugin you'll be able to:

- Backup & restore your WP site in 1-click
- Schedule automated backups
- Automatically save your backup files to cloud service such as Dropbox,
Amazon S3, Google Drive, etc


This plugin launches May 18th at 7:30pm EDT (so unsual I know), but as my top VIP customers you may see an early look from the link above.

Leo (BCBiz)

PS. While waiting, you may also want to check out our latest WSO ;-)


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