Subject: [AZON AFFILIATE] Add Amazon's New Trade-In Button = Boost Commissions..

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Hey.. it is nice to see you again!

I need to tell you something..

..Amazon just released a brand new feature called Trade-In, and this gives a great opportunity for Amazon affiliates like you to monetize your Amazon review/store sites more. :o)

Now, here's the exciting part..

You can implement and take advantage of this Amazon's brand new feature with this brand new, slick WordPress plugin called AzonTradeIn.

=>> Click here for immediate access..

AzonTradeKing facilitates the brand new ‘Trade In’ feature on Amazon which allows site visitors to actually trade products on Amazon via your site!

Say for example, one of your visitors has an old phone that is no longer required, well they can now ship it to Amazon to trade it in..

Meanwhile they are using your affiliate link and by doing so you get 4% of the value of the transaction!

Check out the plugin and let me know how it works out for you.


Best regards,
Leo (BCBiz)

PS. After installing the plugin you just need to click a few buttons and you are good to go with commencing offering trading to your site visitors. :)
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