Subject: 3 Hidden Profits Of WP Site Building (w/ tools you have)

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Creating websites for other people is 1 of the best side-hustle business in the webmarketing industry.

I've been doing it since 2011 and usually charge at least $200-$300+ per site - it might not impress you a lot but I live in Asia where 'labour work' is cheap, in USA or Europe the price standard is higher.

And if you want to build your own WP WebDesign site faster, simply use this 6-in-1 DFY package below:


Inside this package you'll get all the tools you need:

[+] WP Web-Design, a Wordpress theme for selling web-creation service
[+] 15,000+ words of Lead Magnet Report to promote webdesign service
[+] 2 animated webdesign promo videos
[+] 2 whiteboard style webdesign promo videos
[+] 7x high quality webdesign service articles, and lots more!

See this DFY bundle from the link below:

+PLUS 3 tip from me: once you create website for your clients, then upsell them with SSL, security service or SEO service for more profit.

A.) If you upsell them with SSL?
- Simply use the free SSL from CloudFlare or Let's Encrypt

B.) If you upsell them with security service?
- Then simply use any WP security plugin that you might already have

C.) If you upsell them with SEO service?
Simply use plugins like WP BacklinkMachine or WP RankExpress.

Do check out this WebDesign Store Pack here..

.. Even if you don't grab it you will learn what's needed to start your own site creation service - you can do them manually youself, or use the package to skip all the basis hard work!

Leo (BCBiz)

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