Subject: [2hours EarlyBird + Coupon] New 1-Click WP Plugin, MobileOptimizePro..

Hi there,

My buddy Brett Rutecky is releasing his brand new
Wordpress plugin in about 2 hours from now..

It's called MobileOptimizePro and this is a
1-click plugin to make your website mobile
friendly & survive the latest Google slap ;-)

But, because you are a friend of mine, why wait?

You can grab this plugin right now with $5 OFF! ;-)

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Upon checkout, use this Coupon Code: mop5.

It will give you an instant $5 discount for any license
that you pick :o)

NOTE: Coupon code only valid until 11am EST..
(about 2 hours from now, be hurry!)

If you have any questions regarding this plugin
please let me know.

Best regards,
Leo (BCBiz)
:-) :-)

P.S. I've also have 4 bonus package for you:

- Redirect Mastery Code
- MobileOptimizePro Geo-Targeting Script
- Domination Keyword Packs
- $100/day Webinar replay

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