Subject: [20ShieldLeo] Secure Your WP Sites from 90,978 Hack Attempts

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There are tons of security tools for WP sites but many of them are complicated to setup and might SLOW DOWN your Wordpress sites!

So here's a quick & proven WP plugin you need to use:
=>> Introducing: WPSM v2 - Used By 1,700+ WP Sites

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Every minutes there are more than 90,978 Wordpress hacking attempts happen, and 81% of them are targeting insecure or weak passwords.

Hackers, they have bots/programs that can crack your 16-character passwords in less than an HOUR..

.. luckily with this proven security plugin, your site will STAY SAFE and SECURE even when hackers manage to crack your password ;-)

=>> See This WP Security Demo In Action Yourself Here

Leo (BCBiz)

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