Subject: ✮ New Affiliate Store Builder PLUGIN - Bigger Than Amazon?

Hi there,

Not many marketers will see this one coming today.. ;-)

.. A brand new affiliate store builder plugin
that lets you to jump into an un-exploited
affiliate opportunity from the BIGGEST
e-commerce company has just launched!

See product demo and our bonuses below:


NOTE: You can choose from Single, Standard or
Developer License, no annoying OTO/Upsells,
which is nice :o)

Why This Is Huge and A Must Have Plugin..

If you've been an Amazon affiliate for
some time then you know how low the
commissions that they give to you..

Though Amazon affiliate program is great,
still I recommend you to consider building
store sites for AliExpress Affiliate program.


AliExpress (from Ali Baba group) is one
of the fastest growing marketplaces right
now. They now have more products than
eBay and Amazon combined!

They give you up to 50% in commission
and sells all over the world, including
places where Amazon and eBay do not
have permission to enter.

Sounds great right? ;-)

Sooo.. If there is a plugin that lets you
to build AliExpress affiliate stores in
2 minutes, it's a must have for you:


If you have any questions regarding this
awesome affiliate store builder plugin
please let me know!

Best regards,
Leo (BCBiz)
:) :)

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