Subject: Team Associated Insider's Newsletter, Nov. 18, 2010

Right-click here to download images. October 28, 2010
Reedy 60C Competition LiPo Batteries
 Reedy is proud to announce the arrival of 60C competition LiPo batteries for the 2011 racing season. Competition tested and proven by top drivers Juho Levanen, Keven Hébert, Rick Hohwart, and Christer Andersson, these all-new batteries feature high capacity for maximum duration and dimensions that fall within the specs required by international sanctioning bodies (approvals in process).
Pulsar Touch and Quadra Pro 2 Balance Board
 Contains connection cables for both Pulsar Touch (4-cell capable) and Quadra Pro 2 (5-cell capable). For use with any 1-5 cell LiPo pack with a XH style LiPo balancing connector.
Pulsar Touch Sensor Wire Splitter
 Used to connect Pulsar Touch to your speed control and motor. This will allow the use of the motor check function to determine motor RPM and sensor function.  
Pulsar Touch Temperature Sensor
 Designed for monitoring your battery's external temperature during charge and discharge cycles.  

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