Subject: Team Associated Insider's Newsletter, July 24, 2009

Right-click here to download images. July 24, 2009
new product Reedy LiPo 4600mAh 3.7V 40C

Reedy's all-new 40C 1S 3.7V LiPo features a stepped case that allows bodies to be mounted properly without interfering with the battery. The use of convenient 3.5mm sockets works with the stepped case design to create additional room. ...
new product Reedy LiPo 5000mAh 14.8V 40C

Reedy's all-new 40C 4S 14.8V LiPo delivers insane power and extended runtimes thanks to its 40C rating and 5000mAh capacity. This battery fits perfectly in Team Associated's RC8e, SC8e, and RC8Te and is suitable for use in many other chassis'. ...

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