Subject: Team Associated Insider's Newsletter, July 14, 2009

Right-click here to download images. July 14, 2009
new product Team Associated Pitman Gloves

Great for turn marshalling and pitting nitro vehicles. Three sizes to choose from.
new product LRP BEC Stabilizing Capacitor

This smart BEC Stabilizing Capacitor stabilizes the voltage for your receiver and is especially important when running in racing classes that run on a low level of voltage input, such as 4-cell 1:12 class.
new product LRP "High Flex" Sensor Wires

LRP releases new extra-flexible high-quality sensor wires for your motor and speed control connections. Offered in four different lengths: 70mm, 100mm, 150mm, 200mm.
new product SXX Competition and Vector X-12 combos

Six combos ranging from 5.0T to 9.5T.
new product SXX TC Spec and Vector X-12 combos

Ten combos ranging from 3.0T to 9.5T.

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