Subject: Team Associated Insider's Newsletter, Jan. 6, 2010

Right-click here to download images. January 6, 2010
MIP™ CVDs for the SC18 and RC18R!
New Product Enhance the high performance of your SC18 and RC18R with the new MIP™ Constant Velocity Drives.
Ceramic Rear Bearing for the 121 Engine
New Product For the Reedy 121VR engine #800. Less Friction. Longer Lasting. Higher RPM.
Reedy 447-S AC/DC 4-7 Cell NiMH/NiCd
Peak Prediction Charger
Race Report The 447-S utilizes state-of-the-art peak prediction circuitry to protect batteries from damage due to overcharging. Standard peak detection circuitry continues charging even after the battery is fully charged, which can damage the battery. Instead, the 447-S continuously monitors the battery’s charge curve, calculates when the peak will occur, and stops charging at that point.
Reedy 5S 18.5V and 6S 22.2V Competition LiPo Batteries - IN STOCK AND SHIPPING!
New Product Reedy’s hard case 40C 1:8 LiPo batteries are now available in 5S 3800mAh 18.5V and 6S 3100mAh 22.2V configurations for those who want the added efficiency that higher voltage delivers. These batteries fit perfectly in Team Associated’s RC8e, SC8e, and RC8Te and are suitable for use in many other chassis’.
Carl wins big driving his Lucas Oil/RC10.COM truck across the finish line first in the The Rockstar Energy Lucas Oil Challenge Cup!
Race Report The inaugural 2009 season of the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series has already come to a close. It was a great season and intensely contested with each driver battling it out on the track as they go for the gold. It has been a great year for both short-course drivers and fans alike.

As an added bonus Lucas Oil put together The Rockstar Energy Lucas Oil Challenge Cup, a one-day event taking place at the Lake Elsinore Motorsports Complex with a total cash purse of $181,000. Not only was this the largest purse in short-course off-road racing history, The Rockstar Energy Lucas Oil Challenge Cup also turned out to be the most intense and gnarliest race of the year!

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