Subject: Team Associated Insider's Newsletter, Jan. 29, 2010

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All New Vector X-12 "OCTA wind" Motors!

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Instead of four winds, the new X12 "OCTA wind" motors from LRP feature an 8-time (OCTA) winding. An increase in the number of copper wires within the motor, results in lower resistance. The effect is a different power characteristic for higher performance, and the low heat development of the OCTA wind motors equals less energy loss resulting in higher efficiency. For an R/C driver that means more power to the drive train.

All New LRP Stock-Spec Combos!

new product

LRP's revolutionary Vector X-12 Stock-Spec brushless motors along with the all-new SXX Stock-Spec speed control will soon become the most sought-after BRUSHLESS combo in racing. With the all-new Vector X-12 Stock-Spec motors, developed for spec racing, even more performance is available at your disposal. The improved throttle response, higher efficiency, and better controllability of these new combos are clear advantages that promise to bring more fun and performance to your radio-controlled car or truck.

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