Subject: Team Associated Insider's Newsletter, April 5, 2010

Right-click here to download images. April 5, 2010
LRP Quadra Pro 2 Charger
New Product The Quadra Pro 2's intuitive menu structure makes the versatile functions easy to use! Whether you want to adjust the parameters, set your user profiles, or condition your batteries – the Quadra Pro 2 Charger is always a good choice.
LRP Vector X-12 Works Team Sintered Rotors
New Product LRP's new sintered tuning rotors are a performance option for anyone who uses the successful X-12 modified or X-12 Stock Spec brushless motor. A precision-balanced rotor with new special black shaft and titan-coated magnet will boost the efficiency, power, and performance of your brushless motor!
LRP Works Team Racing Stopwatch
New Product Designed specifically for R/C applications, LRP is proud to announce a stopwatch suitable for use at all levels of R/C racing! Get easy-to-check accurate lap times at every practice or race, with the new Works Team Racing Stopwatch. Want to monitor your data? The LRP Works Team Racing Stopwatch includes a USB cord and PC software!
LRP 2in1 LiPo Guard + BEC
New Product The 2in1 LiPo Guard + BEC makes every brushless and brushed speed control compatible with LiPo batteries. During operation the 2in1 LiPo Guard + BEC monitors the LiPo batteries at all times, so they are never over discharged.
RC8 Factory Team Half-Degree Toe Bushing
New Product Adjust your RC8B or RC8T CE rear toe-in to 2.5° or 3.5° per side with the new #89045 RC8 half-degree toe bushings.

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