Subject: New! Black Edition MyLaps Transponders! January 12, 2018

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January 12, 2018


NEW! Black Edition MyLaps Transponders!

Black Edition MyLaps Transponders!

January 11, 2018 - #MLP10R078BK MyLaps Hybrid Black Edition (2-wire) Transponder. The Hybrid (2-wire) transponder is the same size and features many of the same specs as the RC4 transponder, but it is backwards compatible with older decoder boxes. This transponder does not support car ID numbers. It is compatible with all AMBrc2 decoder boxes and MyLaps RC3 and RC4 decoder boxes.

#MLP10R120BK MyLaps RC4 (3-wire) Transponder. The RC4 (3-wire) transponder is the latest in the line of transponders from MyLaps. The RC4 transponder supports car ID numbers so you can have the same transponder number in all your cars, with a different ID for each. The RC4 transponder also gives additional telemetry data such as voltage to the transponder and transponder temperature each time the loop is crossed. This transponder will only work on RC4 decoder boxes with version 4 firmware or higher. click to learn more


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