Subject: NEW! 2WD ProSC10 RJ/Rockstar and AE Team RTRs. Feb. 16, 2018

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February 16, 2018


NEW! 2WD ProSC10 RJ/Rockstar and AE Team RTRs

NEW! 2WD ProSC10 RJ/Rockstar and AE Team RTRs

February 15, 2018 - The ProSC10 features a rear motor short-course chassis that utilizes many of the same parts from the widely successful RC10SC5M platform. Adjustable aluminum big bore coil-over shocks, a sealed-gear differential, and heavy-duty CVA driveshafts are all features that come standard on the ProSC10. A powerful water-resistant Reedy electronic speed controller and 3300Kv electric motor power the ProSC10 for high-speed fun. To handle the power, the ProSC10 comes equipped with realistic wheels and tires specifically made to handle any off-road condition. click to learn more

NEW! Reedy Zappers SG Competition HV-LiPo 4S Batteries

New! Reedy Zappers SG Competition HV-LiPo 4S Batteries

February 12, 2018 - All-new Reedy Zappers SG HV-LiPo batteries have arrived! Silicon graphene construction lowers internal resistance, increases voltage output, reduces operating temperatures, and improves cycle-life. Zappers SG batteries are now available in 4S low profile (LP) and high capacity versions.

Zappers SG perfectly describes Reedy's high-voltage LiPo battery chemistry! It is not a secret that more voltage equals more power, so there is no easier way to achieve a performance advantage than pairing silicon graphene construction with a higher charge voltage! click to learn more


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February 13, 2018
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February 12, 2018
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February 8, 2018
New! RC10B6.1D Team Kit

February 8, 2018
NEW! RC10B6.1 Team Kit

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