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The month of December can be magical. It is a wonderful time of year filled with great wonder and anticipation. The air is filled with an Essence of Intrigue. It is a season of giving that surpasses all other seasons in the year. The Christmas Holiday season can bring great joy for some or induce sadness in others for various reasons. One area that causes great despair or sadness during the holidays is the lack of finances when there is a desire to give more. That’s why I decided to add a silver lining within this newsletter with the topic “Wallet Wonders.”

What’s in your wallet? This question is not asking how much money you have in your wallet, nor is it asking how many credit cards you carry in your wallet. But, it is referring to the means and methods to improve the financial canvas in your life. The conceptional understanding and relevance of my inquiry is to establish a no-nonsense methodology for wealth management, which is a means to increase the value of your wallet. It is also to acknowledge the truth in your situation and to enlighten your understanding about ways to increase the measures within your means and attitude for making more with what you already have within your possession.

One of the wallet wonders used to increase your wallet for the holidays is to intentionally save all year long for the occasion. You can open a special savings account and set up auto drafts into that account on the same frequency as your pay period. But, it’s imperative to exercise discipline by not making any withdrawals from the account until the holidays this time next year. Calculate the amount that you would like to save for holiday shopping then use that to determine how much to auto-draft from each pay check. (Example: Have $100 auto drafted from each check into your special savings account.) Executing this small wallet wonder several years ago is what took the struggle out of Christmas for me; I was able to happily shop, to freely give, and I no longer had to deal with paying off Christmas debt all year long.

Over the past two months I have been diligently seeking, researching, and positioning to improve my personal financial canvas even more. During the last Quarterly Empowerment Call for the year on December 19th, I will share some of the wallet wonders that I have discovered for wealth management. I will also share some spiritual insights that may help you position yourself to get more in the coming new year. Reminder emails will be sent out the day before and on the day of the Call.


Listen in as Rachel shares Parts 1 and 2 of “Ways to Endure Delays.” Gain insight on what to do during the delays, and while you wait. Within any delay, you should look for the lesson or message. All difficult delay periods are tuff to endure, but the good news is that we can prosper in the process. Just because you are waiting in one area of your life doesn’t mean that you can not prosper in other areas.

Some delays are induced by our own means of neglect and distractions, while other delays are caused by external factors that are out our control. In most cases, delay does not mean denial, but it does carry significance.

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Resource of the Month
New Book Release

“Manager Mom: Mind Your Vision” - Transforming Your Life Inside Out

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Beginning of book Introduction:

It was a long drive. Our bodies were tired, and we were happy to check into the hotel. After what seemed like only a few minutes of rest, I was awakened at 4:30 in the morning by a phrase ringing in my head, and it would not go away. Since I could not sleep, I sat up in bed and began to type the words that flowed from my mind as fast as I could capture them. “Manager Moms” was the phrase. In this book, you will learn what “mind your vision” is all about. A manager mom is who I am, and “mind your vision” is what I do to live a life of fulfillment. As you read this book, you may recognize a part of yourself in my story. Regardless of where you are in life, once a mom, always a mom. You, too, are a manager mom.

Ending of book Introduction:
My “mommy mission” and the vision for my sons to fulfill their purpose is still unfolding. Helping your children manage and navigate through life is a large part of being a “manager mom.” You manage your household, school projects, meals, and vacations. Maybe like me, you manage dual careers, and the list goes on. We are true “manager moms.” There is more to a manager mom’s role that we will explore in future writings. The intent of this book is to showcase how any mom can transform her life from inside out to live a life of fulfillment. Start with claiming your “manager mom” title. Let us begin the journey to “mind your vision.”

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