Subject: Tonight 9pm - 2nd Quarter Inside Out Empowerment Call

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Hello Friend,

Through out the 2nd Quarter our focus has been on Building Your Brand. I will close it out with a teaching on how to “Brand a New You with Spiritual DNA.”

Listen in on my Empowerment Call today, June 28th at 9pm.

Quarterly Focus for 2018
1st Quarter – Clarify Your Vision
2nd Quarter – Build Your Brand
3rd Quarter – Prepare Your Platform
4th Quarter – Market Your Message

Does your profession or day-to-day activities allow you to be your “whole" self? So often, we hold back parts of ourselves and allow ourselves to function under the shadows of others. Then our jobs define us and brand us based on the actions that people see. It’s time to rebrand your-self by allowing the true you to shine through. Learning how to incorporate your spiritual DNA into your day to day will make a difference. Join the Live Broadcast at (478) 250-9799 as we explore creating a New Brand of You.

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2) 2018 Quarterly Inside Out Empowerment Call Schedule:
1st Quarter – Thursday, March 22nd – 9pm EST
2nd Quarter – Thursday, June 28th – 9pm EST
3rd Quarter – Thursday, September 27th – 9pm EST
4th Quarter – Thursday, December 27th – 9pm EST

Dial: 478-250-9799, no pin required

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