Subject: Starts in 1 Hour - 4th Quarter Inside Out Empowerment Call

Hello Friend,

Get Ready!  The call starts in an hour.  It is time for the last Empowerment Call for the year. It’s also the time to position yourself to receive more in the coming year. I’m excited to tell you that It's Time to Get More in your life and out of your life.

Within the December Newsletter I shared a Wallet Wonder that I implemented several years ago that increased my cashflow during the Christmas holidays and changed how I prepare for holiday giving. Over the past two months I have been diligently seeking, researching, and positioning to improve my personal financial canvas even more. Listen in to the Empowerment Call to learn more about the wallet wonders that I have discovered for wealth management. I will also share some spiritual insights that may help you position yourself to get more in the coming new year.

Join in and invite someone to listen in to “It's Time to Get More”, so they too can position themselves for increase. Call 478-250-9799, no pin required.

If you haven’t already, I encourage you to get a copy of my latest book “Manager Mom: Mind Your Vision.” Don’t let the words "manager mom" deter you from getting the book. The book will benefit anyone who desires to turn their dreams into reality, it’s for anyone who desires to transform their life inside out. Here is what others are saying about the book:

  • “This book deserves all the stars in the universe! Though I'm not married and do not have children, this book help prioritize my life and goals. Time management wasn't one of my strengths, but this book helped me to juggle many day to day tasks. Also, the book helped me to focus on my vision/goals and how to positively bring them into fruition! Dream saver and game changer!” - Sade
  • “I think this book did a great job of explaining how important it is to have a vision for your life. I like the examples that Rachel gave about visions she had for her own life and how they came true after she took a leap of faith.” - Lamonica
  • "The Manager Mom - Mind Your Vision book and teaching has opened so many doors for me to see that I can be a successful woman with my own visions. Rachel is such an inspiration in helping people see their gifts and dreams come to life. This is what I’ve been waiting for! Thank you Rachel for listening to God and being obedient to do His will in your life for His people.” - Rosetta
  • “I received several powerful messages from Rachel’s book such as: Your thoughts control your outcome. Your words can hurt or help. Your habits determine your outcome. Manager Mom: Mind Your Vision summarizes how to take control of your life, vision, health, finances, relationships, and spiritual growth. You are what you believe. You accomplish what you can visualize.” - Loretta
Call 478-250-9799, no pin required.

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