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The Newsletters for 4th Quarter (October, November and December) are combined into one, all for one focus:
“Marketing Your Message.” Before we go into the topic for this Quarter, let’s recap the overall themes for each
quarter this year.

1st Quarter – Clarify Your Vision
2nd Quarter – Build Your Brand
3rd Quarter – Prepare Your Platform
4th Quarter – Market Your Message

Marketing is the bridge between sales or no sales, between customers or no customers, and between having a skill or
talent and no one knowing about your skill or talent.  Marketing is a major piece to your success. Based on my personal experience, the lack of having a solid marketing plan limited my products exposure to the masses, which delayed massive sells and profits.

To help you bridge the marketing gap, here are three things that should be used to Market Your Message.

1. Email Marketing - create Newsletters to publish in an email or on a website blog. Share your story and market your message to the masses. Choose a source to send Auto-
Responder emails and build your Contact List.
2. Social Media Marketing - there are several social media sites to use to market your message. However, the most popular and proven to be most effective to “getting the word
out” so to speak is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linked-In. Choose your Platform, then create Post on some frequency to increase your Following.
3. Paid Advertisement - build a partnership with Google Ads, Facebook Ads, or Magazine Ads (or Targeted Group Ads).

Join me for the 4th Quarter Inside Out Empowerment Call on Thursday, December 20, 2018 at 9pm EST. Call 478-250-9799 to listen to live Broadcast. I will be sharing how I transformed my body to a trimmer waistline and firm abs over a short period of time. Knowing these techniques will help give you a jump start for your new year health and fitness goals.

Listen in as Rachel shares Part 1& 2 of “Simple Ways to Reflect & RESET for the New Year.”
It’s time to reflect and truly reset to position yourself for a great year. How are you feeling, excited, overwhelmed, anxious, or indifferent? It’s essential to slow down in order to reflect, reset, recharge, and to refocus. I’m a witness that you can have a sense of peace and
preparedness where you are ready to tackle new goals and dreams with clarity and energy.

Listen to 
Simple Ways to Reflect & RESET for the New Year" Episodes of Part 1 and Part 2 on the Podcast or on

PODCAST are available for free on iTunes or from any Podcast App. Search for “Inside Out Empowerment with Rachel Moore” 

Resource of the Month
Need help creating a website or brining your the Domain to life? Creators Imagine can help. Three out of four of my sons have partnered together to form their own Multi-Media Services. Visit their website and check out some of their work.


Our 2018 Connection
Quarterly Inside Out Empowerment Calls
Quarterly 2018 Inside Out Empowerment Call Schedule:
1st Quarter - Thursday, March 22nd - 9pm EST
2nd Quarter - Thursday, June 28th - 9pm EST
3rd Quarter - Thursday, September 27th - 9pm EST
4th Quarter - Thursday, December 27th - 9pm EST

Join the Live Calls on Broadcast Line - (478) 250-9799

This year, my plan is to connect with you at least once a month via newsletter, my blog and/or on The monthly newsletters thiw year will guide you on your journey to get your vision off the ground.  At times I will also provide a brief update on the happenings in my life and business, and to provide you with recommended resources.  Important tips and teachings will be listed within the Inspiration Station section of the newsletters to assist you in reaching your life matrix goals this year.

I plan to host only one Empowerment Call per Quarter, unless the need arise to have additional calls under special circumstances.

Inspired to Inspire You,

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