Subject: Envision Your Ideal Love Relationship

Envision Your Ideal Love Relationship
Inside Out February 2020 Newsletter
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In 2010, now a decade ago, I discovered a new passion and purpose. It was one of those things hidden within that you don’t see until you start digging and exploring new ideas. That’s exactly what happened to me. I took my one idea of family visioning and turned it into vision building and dream building workshops to help others to envision their dreams, empower their visions, and manifest more in their lives.

Out of those workshops, seminars, and small group sessions formed inspirational works of art reflecting the desires and dreams of each person present. All limitations were removed during the creative process. No excuses were allowed, but both big and small wishes were allowed.

During one particular workshop, a young lady was sitting with a blank stare on her face. She told me that she didn’t really know what she wanted. I encouraged her to flip through the magazines until certain pictures or words began to resonate. After clipping the first picture, it was none stop until her masterpiece was almost done. I walked up to her and said,” wow, it looks like you are creating a “love relationship” vision. She replied, it just happened to turn out this way. I saw this dress first, then all of the other images and words just flowed. I told her that I would assist by looking for a handsome man to add to her love relationship vision. After pasting him in, her board was complete.

About six weeks later, she emails me with a praise report. She was so excited about her recent transformation. She wrote, I literally went from zero to hero, so many men have shown up in my life and at least three are marriage potential.” Then, about six months later she sends another update to let me know that she was engaged and the guy looked similar to the guy on her board. I was truly amazed!
A few years ago, a more mature woman attended one of my Small Group sessions was divorced and praying for a new love. During our create your Tote-a-Vision session, she found images and words to reflect exactly what she wanted to experience in her life. She is now remarried and living her dream life. Her business expanded and she and her husband recently purchased their dream home together.
What do you envision for your love relationship? Whether you are single, divorced, or married, you can still desire more in a love relationship. If you are married, it’s okay to envision the two of you doing more together. It’s okay to desire for your love to grow stronger. If your heart longs for more or longs for an ideal love relationship, it’s time to create your vision. Check out our Resource of the Month. The Tote-a-Vision can help simplify the envisioning and creative process.

Here is a photo of my love relationship vision. Some of the key power words on this board are: Together, Best Friends, Passion, God-Centered, Love, My Hero, Making Dreams Come True, Living in Perfect Harmony, The Perfect Match, and Hot Dates…
My oldest son recently decided to incorporate elements of what the woman of his dreams would entail, such as her character, mind-set about life, adventure, nutrition, fitness and more. This is his year to explore and to discover friendship that will lead to an ideal love relationship.

Scripture: Proverbs 20:5 5 - “The purposes of a person's heart are deep waters, but one who has insight draws them out.” (NIV)
Stop “wishing” and start “fishing” to find purpose. As I shared at the beginning of this article, there is so much to be discovered that’s hidden deep within. It’s up to you to explore to discover more.

Resource of the Month
“Tote-a-Vision” - the portable 2-in-1 vision board and journal

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