Subject: Empowerment Call Tomorrow - September 20 - Potential is Essential

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Hello Friend,

Join me on tomorrow night, Tuesday, September 20th at 9pm EST for my Inside Out Empowerment Call". (Call 478-250-9799, no pin required.) 

Did you know that there is untapped potential dwelling on the inside of you? Do you want to know how to discover and uncover that potential? The fulfillment of your destiny depends on it. 

Join me on my Inside Out Empowerment Call this week as I teach on “Potential is Essential” and share how you can become more, regardless of your past, and in the midst of your present circumstances.
Find out how to Discover and Develop Potential. It's Essential!

Call 478-250-9799, no pin required

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Dial:  478-250-9799, no pin required

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