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6 April 2023
Issue 25
Tackling Common Challenges
New protective equipment to fight floods in Utena County, Zemgale and Latgale regions

One of the effects of the climate change is a higher flood risk, which requires a reinforcement of water management strategies and infrastructures. Our projects SafeFlood, ClimaAdapt and Secure Areas are working on reduction of flood risk in the areas of Latgale and Zemgale regions (LV) bathed by the river Daugava, as well as in Utena County (LT), richly covered with beautiful lakes and rivers. Thanks to these projects a new protective and emergency equipment has been obtained to serve as a flood protection and fighting system, decreasing the risk in many settlements affected by flood emergencies. The projects have also organised special trainings for the rescue teams as well as supported the creation of common strategies and organisation of awareness campaigns to make the regions more prepared for flood emergencies, climate changes and decrease subsequent damage and environmental pollution.
Stimulating Employment
It is never too late to start a business, especially using innovative entrepreneurship support solutions and tools

Latvia and Lithuania face similar territorial challenges in the Programme area, such as insufficient economic growth, high unemployment among people of pre-retirement age and inactive entrepreneurship environment. To stimulate entrepreneurship among older people, the project BeLL to Start Business has organised the series of workshops and seminars aimed at so called silver age people (over 50) interested in becoming an entrepreneur. Although due to epidemiological restrictions participants from Panevėžys County (LT) and Zemgale region (LV) mostly had gathered remotely, they got inspired by real stories of Latvian and Lithuanian entrepreneurs, pitched their business ideas, and were counselled by business experts. In addition, a number of innovative entrepreneurship support solutions and tools, including the joint E-learning platform, were created by the project partners, believing that it is ''Never too late to start a business!''
Promoting Local Heritage
Meet a living history: open-air museum Stelmužė Manor

A Living History project is offering to explore one of the oldest cultural heritage sites in Lithuania – Stelmužė Manor – as an open-air museum. The project partners have carried out a research in various European archives (Warsaw, Marburg, Riga, Tartu, Kaunas, Vilnius) to provide visitors with new knowledge by preparing new maps and the documentary film Magical Stelmužė to reveal the territory of Stelmužė Park. The researchers from Latvia and Lithuania, involved in the project, have clarified the earliest date of mentioning of the Stelmužė Oak tree, identified the owners of the Manor and found an ex-libris with the symbols of this tree – the most famous natural monument, one of the oldest in Europe and the oldest (600 years old) and thickest tree in Lithuania. 
The project has also provided special IT design trainings to the staff of cross-border region museums.
Restored objects in Daugavpils Fortress are winners of the Annual Latvian Construction Award

The Annual Latvian Construction Award has recently announced laureates and Grand Prix winners. Our sincere congratulations to Daugavpils City Municipality, a beneficiary of our project Loyalty to Culture and Tourism winning silver in the nomination ''Restoration'' for the heritage objects restored at Daugavpils Fortress – the Martinsons House and Casemates of the Bastion 7. Those have been successfully adapted for the funds of ceramics of the Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Centre. The Grand Prix winner object – the Engineering Arsenal is also a part of this Fortress.
We are very proud for such a great achievement!
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