Subject: 🐦Hi Friend Where Does Your Bird Go When Its Out Of The Cage?

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Good morning Friend

Some housekeeping ideas and free advice.

Men, if you want to do something sexy for your wife, vacuum the house.

Welcome to your new birdie brunch.

The format for the past 18 to 24 months has been to present for blog posts, three from us and one aggregated from "parrots in the news."

Now you'll see 6 - 8 blog posts about pet bird care but were introducing two new topics.

Catherine and I now have partnered on what was her blog.

We're going to share a behind the scenes look who we are, what we do and how we got here.

After having done this for 17 years believe it or not I've gotten highly opinionated about the World Wide Web.

We're going to introduce you to what's been my "hobby" website for the past year and now will pass along what makes all these magical pictures and words appear on the screens of all your devices.

Please let us know what you think

Catherine and MitchR
Birds have been used as organic hunting mechanisms since Genghis Khan ruled Asia. With training, you can have precise control over any bird. Read more

I have a pair of Caiques completing weaning in about 4 weeks from a breeder. What kind of pellets would you recommend? Read more

The untamed beauty of parrots has fascinated humans for centuries and keeps us in its spell to the present time. Parrots are beautiful, they can
fly, they are different from us, they are intelligent, and they remain mysterious. However, our relationship with parrots has changed greatly over time. Once considered a plentiful natural resource worth exploiting, we now make great efforts to protect their dwindling natural populations. Read more

I once rescued a poor blue and gold that was up in a tree for three days.
It’s owner was absent and I believe that she was mentally ill, but that’s no excuse for the perch that I found on the apartment property that had lots duct tape where the parrot perched and the amount of neglect that I saw that the poor Macaw had been through. Read more

Jessica wanted to share her African Grey using a rope perch in an XS dog crate for travel! She is fully flighted, but we liked taking her out to the garden with us when pulling weeds, etc. (lots of fresh snacks to try ;-) Read more

I'm not sure when we started selling TOP’s Parrot Food formally known as Totally Organics. The distraction of moving to Indiana allowed us to move a little away from focusing on "the devil's in the details". We noticed the packaging had changed as well as the titles of the food but did not really drill down into this bird food line until recently. Read more

Parrots in the news

Bird rescue

​We are a Nonprofit 501(c)(3) feather distribution program that collects molted feathers and donates them to the Pueblo Indians of the Southwest for use in their rich customs and traditions... No Feathers... No Problem. You can Donate by check to the address above. Be a part of Saving Wild Macaws & Parrots today and tell a friend. Thanks

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Our really cheap Sunday funny for humans
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Catherine and MitchR
The Windy City Parrot Breakfast Brunch Club

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