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Good morning Friend, "Welcome to Your Birdie Brunch!"

This Sunday's bird nutrition evergreen post.

Lynn H. replied to Patrick B. I have a 27-year old Senegal. I was reading your post (below) and thought I would offer a few suggestions to you.  
First, as Mitch said, try clicker training. It is basically positive operant conditioning.  Birds do not understand the word “no” and yelling at them will teach them how to scream. So please give it a try.  Read more

We get help desk tickets and phone calls on a regular basis seeking advice for a handicapped bird. The most common disability is splayed foot (especially in budgies). Splayed foot is when one or both of the bird's feet turn sideways from being sat upon, as a chick. Read more

I  received this reply from a pet bird keeper in our Windy City Parrot community. Diana relates (see thread below): I wanted to reply to the person whose bird stood with its head lowered.  My Yellow Nape did that and I found out he had arthritis in his one leg. Read more

Suzanne H. is concerned about a Splayed leg 1-month-old parakeet. My parakeets had 4 chicks. 3 are fine. The youngest turned out to be a splayed leg. Went to the vet with the baby. He said there is just a 10% chance the baby could be fixed to be almost normal. It didn't work. Read more

Cynthia L. needs a bird feeding dish for her new bird's stand: The bird stand that I have came with stainless steel, 8 oz. bowls, my Grey loves to grab them and flip everything on the floor. I need a heavy bowl that will fit. Next, tell me how I get her to accept the nice new stand. I have it in the same room, now 4 ft away from her cage. Read more

"We're a little light this week. We'll get back to work when we can button our pants" ~ MitchR

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