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Catherine and MitchR ask:

My Bird's So Messy, Can You Help?

Birds in the wild crack nuts and ripe fruit, dropping half-eaten fruit and whole seeds to the ground. Season after season new trees and shrubs grow around the canopy trees to provide for their habitat. A bird eats a fish ready to lay eggs or eats found fish eggs in a large lake in Illinois during the fall. The bird flies to Indiana and poops the fish eggs out in a half-acre man-made lake on a farm. Read more

We talk about parrots being equatorial animals and how life in North America, for example, screws up their instinctual expectations for things like light cycles and temperature. So you would think with summer here, all those problems would go away. Some do, but now we face a host of new challenges. Read more

You certainly need no reminder we are about to be in the midst of a long holiday weekend and Saturday is the day we celebrate by shooting dangerous explosive devices 200 feet into the air. Much like the Weather Channel reminds you to put a blanket in your trunk every winter, we’re here to provide a refresher for Parrot Pyrotechnic Prophylactic Preparation (that one caused a brain cramp :-) Read more

We focus on bird and parrot nutrition a lot here because of the complexity of a bird's anatomy. Birds require far more energy than their ground-based counterparts. Migratory birds fly at high altitudes where the air is thin. You and I would require supplemental oxygen at those heights. Read more

Please note that the best pellet is the one your bird will eat as pellets are not natural to birds. Harrisons has USDA organic going for it. Roudybush has no peanuts but Harrisons does. Read more

Is It Okay for Lovebirds to Chew & Swallow Bits of Paper?

The actual Quora question read: Is it okay for lovebirds to chew and swallow bits of clear paper? The only ink it has is the one that lines the paper.Some answers from the experts on Quora Chewing, use caution. I would personally recommend using copy paper instead but as long as your bird isn't showing any signs of sickness, you should be fine............ Read more
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