Subject: 🐦Hi Friend ~ How Would You Remodel a Cage to Reduce a Bird's Hormonal Behavior?

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Good morning Friend, "Welcome to Your Birdie Brunch!"

This Sunday's bird nutrition evergreen post.

Lisa N. has a conundrum: Good morning our 7 yr old GCC (Green Cheek Conure) has all of a sudden started attacking our 7-month-old Pineapple (Green Cheek) Conure. They used to get along so well preening each other sitting with each other on our ropes that we have hanging around the house they never went into each other cages and respected their space. Read more

Michael G. reaches back out with a new pet bird keeping challenge. Hi, Mitch, I ordered a clamp-on light fixture for Lil' Girl and Big Boy. While they have sunlight on the end of their cage (3') and down one side (5'). 
I figured it couldn't hurt as the sunlight is filtered by windows with a light tint and filled with Argon gas which, I think, only prevents fogging.  Read more

Tootsie is a forty-two-year-old green-cheek who has lived with me for forty-one. The top of her head is completely bald, with front red feathers remaining. She sleeps a lot but is otherwise active. She enjoys her regular food along with a handout from her person. She does not pluck her feathers, loves annoying me, and is a first-class cuddler. Could this be age-related? Read more

At the first hint of danger a bird normally takes to flight. During the hundreds of defensive short flights, flighted birds take each day, they are quickly assessing potential dangers and deciding if they need to keep flying to avoid a real danger. These short flights require immediate and appropriate decision-making abilities. Read more

If you live in Connecticut you can't sell or breed a Quaker parrot but you can own one. If you live in New York and Virginia you have to register your bird with the state. Endangered species map Our lawmakers feel as though they are protecting our crops and other native species of birds. Read more

How Do I Train My Birds To Always Fly Back To Me?

Original Quora question(s): How do I train a budgie to free flight and come back to me without having to fly away? How do you train two budgies to free flight? Can you train two budgies to free flight at the same time? These questions were found as a single question on Quora. Read more

Can a Cockatiel Choke While Foraging on a Fortune Cookie in a Plastic Wrapper?

Julie is amazed: "I am amazed anyone would give their bird a plastic packaging material. They could so easily choke on it". Julie, Which is like saying I'm amazed you feed your bird seeds because they can choke on the husk or wood bird toys because they can choke on slivers - there is absolutely nothing wrong with this Julie Read more
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World’s oldest known, banded wild bird returns to nest at Midway Atoll and more new articles ~ Parrot Rescue In the News Updated 12/04/2020

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Endangered primates face high risk of catching COVID-19 ~ My Personally Vetted List of Pets, Animals and Corona Virus Information Updated 11/23/2020

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