Subject: 🐦Hi Friend ~ How Do I Keep My Cockatiel & Conure From Flying Into Windows?

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The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you. Don’t go back to sleep. – Rumi
Good morning Friend, "Welcome to Your Birdie Brunch!"

From: 'jmcoops'

My buddy flew into the window yesterday twice and all the feathers fell out as you can see (above).

I figured that's where he hit the window. He was stunned and still for several hours on my lap.

Today he seems fine. Will those feathers grow back? Anything I should watch for?

My husband and I debate constantly about flighted vs wing-clipped birds. Read more

Editor's note: this post was written almost 4 years ago to the day. I'm using it in an answer on Quora regarding how to quiet birds.

There was no way to have predicted at the writing of this article that we would become companions to a Senegal (poicephalus) parrot. 

The universe is too complicated to be arbitrary.

Thank you Ann K. one of our Facebook fans. She's planning on getting a Cape Parrot soon and was unable to find a lot of information on this particular species. Read more

From: Donna L.

Subject: Dangers found in toys and Oops, wrong Donna?

Hi Mitch,

I received your informative lesson about the dear little budgie?  (Sorry, tiny strokes-no memory)

I couldn't stop reading.  So happy I found you!  

I started to dismantle my sweet little 21-year-old Meier's parrot's toys to DIY new ones. Read more
From: June S.

Subject: Re: Hi June ~ How to Remodel Cages to Reduce 2 Bird's Hormonal Behavior

Hi Mitch,

Do birds get coronavirus? I had it about a month ago. My two parakeets have become so quiet and sleep slot.

I changed where I keep them thinking a change would help. Some but not much.

Can they know I haven't been very well? Thank God I have recovered any thoughts? Read more

How Do I Train My Birds To Always Fly Back To Me?

Original Quora question(s): How do I train a budgie to free flight and come back to me without having to fly away? 

How do you train two budgies to free flight? Can you train two budgies to free flight at the same time? 

These questions were found as a single question on Quora.  Read more

Hi Mitch,

I just noticed that you posted my questions about Ricky on your Blog. 

I'm fine with that but feel a bit uncomfortable about naming my bird's vet and giving her web address.

I came to you with my query as I am not seeing improvement in my bird after several appointments. Read more
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