Subject: 🐦Hi Friend ~ Do Birds Need That Mysterious Cuttlebone in Their Birdcage?

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Good morning Friend, "Welcome to Your Birdie Brunch!"

Like hard-working catchers of the MLB, we get questions tossed to us day in and day out. Questions are my favorite part of words. The answers to questions enlighten us and make it better regardless of our endeavor. What size cuttlebone should I put my bird’s cage? How effective is cuttlebone at reducing the length of my bird’s beak? Read more

Let's start with forgetting that BIRDS DO NOT LIKE CHANGE!

Hi! I very much enjoy your emails and all the information you provide. By the way, my green conure (Wyndle) looks just like the bird you have in the picture with you, Mitch. Wyndle is a "mutt", not a pedigree like my Sun Conure was. She has a HUGE personality and is full of spunk; very strong, inquisitive, eats all day (not overweight, tho) etc. Read more

What’s a feather? It’s a product of the protein known as Keratin and comes in three flavors: contour, sensory, and down - feathers. Feathers perform far more services for birds than you probably ever thought. Mature feathers are dead and can only be repaired through imping, although their initial growth is called a pin feather and is quite alive.  Read more
Hi, Mitch and Catherine. I love your blog. Chock full of great info. 
I read it every week. I am getting a young cockatiel in about 5 weeks. My question is about cleaners to use in my house around birds. I use vinegar and water and baking soda for tabletop surfaces and hot soapy water with vinegar when I have done full cage cleanup every couple of weeks ..BUT.. I also have a cleaning service that comes in once every 2 weeks and I want to know about what are safe products to wash wood floors & wood furniture around birds? Read more

How Do I Get My Girl Budgie to Like Her Own Cage?

Gloria W. writes: Hello Mz Tobsing, I appreciate your advice on light therapy as that cured the hormone problem for my little girl parakeet. Now I have a new problem or question, please. I have two boys and one girl parakeet each with their own cage. The little girl has a larger cage than the boys. All the cages sit on tables.  Read more

We keep the apartment at a cool 65° but Popcorn has an oil-filled heater next to her cage and an old-fashioned mercury thermometer next to her cage so we know that she’s in a temperature comfort zone.  She had been spending a lot more time in her birdcage - subdued. we attributed it to the cool apartment meaning she Enjoyed staying warm in her cage. 
I had run errands earlier and when I got home she had moved from one of her Booda perches that she sleeps and spends most of her time on to her heated perch. Read more

Hey Mitch: So as a follow-up to our question about getting our afterburner equipped Gray Cockatiel safely acclimated to free flight in a large lanai, a follow-up. Read more
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