Subject: 🐦Hi Friend ~ Bird Food Confusion - Seeds, Pellets, Organic - What's Best?

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Good morning Friend, "Welcome to Your Birdie Brunch!"

This Sunday's bird nutrition post.

Today's science lesson: because birds are small and have a high need for energy they can digest food rapidly. This is one reason young birds mature quickly and migrating birds are able to store fat which enables long flights. There are species of birds that are known to increase their weight by 40% in 10 days. Read more

First we took a look at soft billed birds which lead to an exploration of the differences between softbills - hardbills - hookbills & waxbills. Hornbills are softbills like Toucans but don't get a lot of press or even a cereal of their own.  Read more

Cynthia asks: Hello, I came across the story about your cockatiel Popcorn. I am going through the exact same thing with my cockatiel. Can you tell me the outcome? I know it is likely grim. Thank you, Cynthia and Bindi Read more

Original Quora question(s): How do I train a budgie to free flight and come back to me without having to fly away? How do you train two budgies to free flight? Can you train two budgies to free flight at the same time? These questions were found as a single question on Quora. Read more

Bill P. asks: I have questions about the 72-hour circadian reset technique. 1. During the day portion of the 72 hour period would there be a problem with taking the bird, Blue and Gold Macaw out of her cage for food, exercise, and to interact with the family. 2. Can you provide clinical references pertaining to this technique? We are looking for a way to deal with egg-laying and hormonal behavior next Spring. Thanks for your help. Read more

How Far Can a Parrot Fly?

A question from Quora: Just to set the record straight parrots do not stop and sleep during the day they are diurnal animals and rarely sleep out in the open for fear of predators. The other issue we need to clear up before we embark on an answer is what kind of parrot? Read more

Is This a Proper Budgie Cage Set Up?

Is this a proper budgie cage set up? First of all, you do not indicate the bird's lifestyle. Will this be a solitary bird who spends a lot of time in the cage or will the bird be out of the cage a lot and basically used for sleeping? Read more
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