Subject: 🐦Friend How Did Tops Make Totally Organics Bird Food Better?

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Catherine and MitchR
We also learned of a major re branding effort made by TOP’s Parrot Food Co-owners Gary Rubin and Kristen Ertischek which they began in early 2018. Read more

Knowing the energy needs of a bird and the energy value of a diet will ensure that enough of a nutrient is added or supplemented to that portion. Read more

​My guess would be that a bird inhaling pheromones from a predatory mammal would be stressful to the bird. Read more

There are times the bird will bang his beak and screeches to get him to sit there so he can eat.I have told my husband this is not a healthy behavior Read more

Peroxide was suggested because it breaks down organic matter, but it can be hard to completely rinse off (on fabric anyway). Read more

I recommend that you do not allow the bird to have sex on your body.
Instead, toss a few whiffle balls in the cage and let him try to enjoy them. Read more

Point is that a tiel can be chipped but I would be concerned about the "over preening" issue with your G2.​​ It would be a decision between you and your vet.​​ Read more

To be safe, we recommend not using the AT in the same room as your bird, or near the birds cage. Some customers said their birds bothered by the ultrasound; Read more

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