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iNeedArticles Makes Buying Affordable Website Articles Worth It!
Every site owner, even the most consistent blogger, at least thinks about outsourcing content needs from time to time. You may even consider yourself a seasoned writer, but sometimes the need to order site content and website articles, blog posts, eBooks and more cannot be helped. When you're in need of the best content for your sites, it makes all the difference when you know the best places to reach out to for ordering quality, cost-effective content.

In reality, what you want is a site that offers competitive pricing, the best writers, the best platform and the best customer service. Notice the words used were 'competitive pricing' and not the cheapest pricing. There are certainly sites employing non-native English speaking workers that are going to undercut standard competitive pricing. You do not want to use those sites. You need to order content from a website like iNeedArticles.

Have you had any bad experiences with other content sites?

IneedArticles only hires native English speakers/writers, and the writers are vetted by the site staff. Many of the writers for the site have been writing for INeedArticles for years. The site is known for producing top quality content for site owners, and you have many options when it comes to content. For example, you can get a basic 300-word article without any extras all the way up to a full-fledged eBook.

What are the 'extras?' The extras are all the options you have to choose from when it comes to ordering your article. Let's say you order a basic 500-word article about a particular keyword phrase. You can opt to have this article written by only writers with ratings of 4 or 5 stars. You can also choose to attach instructions and a style request. Plus, you are able to request that extra research be done. Each of the extras come with an added fee that is competitively priced.

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Those aren't the only extras. You can also choose to have an expert article written. These are top quality pieces that qualify as expert content about a particular subject and keyword phrase. Each of the writers has selected their own expert categories in which they feel comfortable writing about on that level. That is how you get your best content by direct order on INeedArticles. You also have the option as you continue to use the service of selecting your favorite writers.

If you select a favorite pool of writers, then you are able to add that fee on when you order content so that only those writers are privy to the request. Additionally, there is a Marketplace available on the side. In the Marketplace, you can browse content that has been uploaded by the writers on different categories. The content has been priced, and you can view samples of each article to help you select which ones you want to buy.

The Marketplace is just another reason why you want to go with INeedArticles.

You're talking about professional quality pieces expertly written on different topics of interest. Gather ideas, see what content sticks out to you and make the Marketplace part of your experience for sure. As you request articles on the regular platform, you're also going to notice that the site has a fast turnaround time. In some instances, the turnaround time is going to be faster than others, depending on several factors.

The site does get heavy traffic, but there are plenty of writers available to handle your request. If you are in a time crunch and need your article fast, you can guarantee that it gets to you within 24 hours by ordering an expedited request. Many of these orders come through because of clients needing content quickly. In general, however, you are guaranteed a three-day turnaround on all of your orders. Clients that order articles in big batches especially think that this is music to their ears.

The writers handle a heavy volume of article requests at INeedArticles, so you can imagine that there are quite a few different topics that they write about on the daily. This gives you peace of mind that the experienced writers can handle the various topics and keyword phrases you request. Not only do you get a fast turnaround, but how about an explanation of the competitive pricing? In fact, you can get a high-quality article for a penny a word, and for the kind of content that INeedArticles provides, you can't beat that.

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All you pay for is your content, so you don't have to worry about membership fees like you do for some other sites. The writers at INeedArticles are well taken care of, well compensated and well respected at INA, so you can imagine that translates into writers that take their job very seriously. They do their best work. You are allowed to rate each article and provide feedback as well.

In the off chance that you have a bad experience, your concerns are taken seriously and looked into immediately. There is a forum for posting questions and ideas and to get more information about things related to the site. There is also a help desk that you can reach out to about any site issues or experience related matters. Everything about INeedArticles is handled professionally by the staff and the site's owner, and that tells you that the clients are respected as much as the writers. Everyone gets treated fairly, and that translates into a great customer experience.

INeedArticles also provides customers with the convenience of its own API for client use.
It only takes minutes to set up and start funding an account, and then you can start poking around, learning more about the service and why you're going to start ordering articles from INA. The writers for the site have turned out almost 200 million words to date according to the counter. The site has been around for approximately three years now, and many of the writers have been working with and collaborating with the site's owner for over five years.



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