Subject: [please review]Reliable detection of sporadic real-time errors

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We all know, the appearance of sporadic errors at a late project state, or even worse, out in the field, are a testing nightmare.
This is true for functional errors, but it also applies to real-time errors. To reliably cover the entire spectrum of these errors, a comprehensive range of requirement types is essential.
Therefore, one can choose from 15 different requirement types within our Tool-Suite. These requirements have been tailored to the needs of our customers and they can be evaluated post-mortem on a test recording or directly during the test procedure. In both cases, sporadic errors are found immediately.
To support error diagnosis, an intuitive, interactive and powerful visualization leads to the root cause of the error without delay.
Did you know that understanding the root cause is 80% of the solution?
Within functional safety, the net slack-time requirement is widely used to ensure and confirm, that safety critical processes meet their deadlines. For autonomous driving, the maximum end-to-end latency for functions and the data age are the most important requirements.
Further information about requirements and many other topics can be found in our Tool-Suite manual. Now available online!
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