Subject: PLEASE REVIEW New Whitepaper “From Assisted to Autonomous Driving and Beyond”

From Assisted to Autonomous
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Taking control of system timing challenges in embedded automotive systems is a demanding task. Today we are sharing our new whitepaper on this topic. A pretty nice read for everyone!

  • New features cannot be realized at the expense of safety
  • Executing software within the time budget
  • Tackling timing issues during integration and test
  • Considering timing from the perspective of “data flow” event chains
  • Resolving timing issues with insights from chronVIEW
  • Avoiding integration time issues with virtual verification using chronSIM
  • From assisted to autonomous driving systems
Timing is a complex topic and key to modern real-time embedded systems. Learn in our latest whitepaper how timing can be managed using the proven concept of event chains. Mastering a few key timing requirements and their implementation mitigates design problems found in late project stages.

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