Subject: No Excuses For Not Getting Unique Videos Onto YouTube Fast Now!

Hi, Clive here

Now market research is great but you need to get videos UP onto YouTube before you can SEO the heck out of them, get views and then (tada!) profit.

I've recently been focused on research and SEO tools for video marketing, certainly since Xmas, but need to get my 'finger out' and get more good looking promotional videos up and ranking - and speed is of the essence especially in affiliate and CPA video video marketing.

Explaindio Video FX, launched today, is a fast (but with very cool output) piece of FX software - so not a video editor as such - which I will be using to quickly re-purpose my existing videos, or other peoples that I download from YouTube (and make them my own AND look unusual, different and cool!)

==> Check out my Explaindio Video FX Bonus Page

Wecan now just find a video on our hard drive....
  • Drag & Drop the video into Explaindio Video FX, choose our desired Visual Effect, and click Start!
  • 40 funky built-In Customizable Video Effects (pro)
  • Turning any boring video into something really engaging
  • Super Simple and Fast to Use
  • Includes Commercial License to sell your videos to clients - great for Offline Marketers
==> Check out my Explaindio Video FX Bonus Page Here

If you have been struggling with video creation and want to stand out from the crowd or just get original, unique videos online fast this is a cool tool.


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