Subject: This week Jesus reveals a Love that condescends (do we?) ALSO: IGNITE Radio LIVE (we need you)

“Therefore, I say to you, the kingdom of God will be taken away from you
and given to a people that will produce its fruit.”
Matt. 21: 33-43 (MORE)

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Jesus reveals Love that condescends...  (Do we?)

DISCLAIMER: In the matters contained herein, we have not conquered, but earnestly desire to be conquered. The great expanse between these marks our "ultimate drama" - our journey deeper in Jesus Christ. Join us.  

This week Grace and Dominic wanted to help younger children better connect with the Gospel. They make use of their stuffed animals and M&M's in re-telling Jesus' story of the landowner whose only son is killed by the tenants. Check out this weeks' Live IT Video

While we were challenged to consider the times when we're fixed more on the gift than the Giver, I'm even more moved and informed by the Testimony of God's condescending love in Jesus Christ.

Think about it. God never spoke some divine tongue from the heavens, holding us accountable for not understanding. No. In Jesus Christ He reveals a love that condescends. He enters our world. He takes on our nature. He communicates in ways we might understand.  

Similarly, with the heart of the Church, Pope St. John Paul II questioned if our religious "language" had substantially lost the capacity to communicate the Gospel to modern souls (Sherry Weddell's Forming Intentional Disciples pretty much validates this sociologically). 

Informed by Jesus Christ, we can not be content speaking from our "heavens," so distant and alien from those we need to reach. We are called to a New Evangelization, "new in ardor, methods and expression" (LINK).

Of course, this does not mean change in the life-transforming doctrine of our Church. In fact, it's all about making that Faith accessible, like Jesus Himself.  

Mindful of God's abiding mercy and love, here are some honest questions we're considering in this week's Live IT Gathering Guide
  • If right now God sent you His servant, revealing that your life was His Vineyard, and every gift He’s given you is to cultivate that Vineyard, how would you live differently?

  • Think of a friend who may not be aware that their life is God’s Vineyard, and their gifts- given to cultivate it. How might you help them understand this surpassing value of their life and gifts? [Invite them to an IGNITE]
This week, schedule just 30 minutes to talk and pray as a family.  Light your Live IT Candle. Bring it to an IGNITE.  

Abundant blessings in Jesus through Mary.

Greg and Stephanie Schlueter
+ Image Trinity | Mass Impact Board and Team

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From Bob and Rita Schoen
I have attended all but one of the IGNITE events. My wife, two of my grandchildren, and another young person we are blessed to have in our lives usually attend with me. It would take an extraordinary situation for me to miss one.

For the first event in Bowling Green, I really did not know what to expect or how to react to what I was experiencing. Now, attending IGNITE events is a priority in my life.

These events have changed me. I have witnessed changes in others. I know of healing of a family, and guidance for direction in life granted as a result of prayers offered with the prayer teams.

The participation and witness of so many young people and families brings me great joy. At times I well up with emotion knowing there are so many young people prepared, or preparing, to be living examples of God's love. They touch our lives.

The weekly Live IT Videos are something I look forward to. Usually, I will listen to the current one and several of those from past weeks. They bring the readings for the coming Sunday to a deeper meaning, frequently offering a deeper understanding of those readings than I have received previously.

Why do we support Mass Impact? Knowing the importance to our personal lives, and to the lives of individuals and families throughout the diocese... makes not providing support not an option.

We thank Bob and Rita for their great witness and financial support. We are currently at $21,400 of our goal of $30,000- minimal sustainability of this movement until our next Banquet preceding our first Presence for Christmas on December 1. HEAR "IGNITE the Planet" FANFARE AUDIO.
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