Subject: A very moving story from a few nights ago...

“Then Jesus said to her in reply, 'O woman, great is your faith!
Let it be done for you as you wish.'”
Matt 15:21-28 (MORE)

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I can't imagine...

I can't imagine what it would be like to be struggling with a life-threatening disease, much less knowing that a husband and two small children depended upon me. Last Thursday she came to IGNITE at St. Joan of Arc. Just before, my wife commented on her cute hair. She replied that it was a wig.

Amidst the worship before Jesus at the Burning Bush, illuminated by a multitude of candles, Fr. Adam brought the Monstrance down and knelt facing the people, and invited them to approach and touch the humeral veil in faith, much like the woman who touched Jesus' garments in expectant faith.

She was among the sea of people who came forward. We were all drawn in... made a small part of what was going on in her depths, as she knelt... as tears flowed before her Savior... to be so completely transparent and abandoned before Her God... to take her wig off.

Words can not express. But in a very real way, she was each of us. What "wigs" are we wearing? What artificial thing do we use to conceal our deeper need? Our God desires us to approach Him, to be before Him... in the same way, bringing our naked totality, aware that He alone is the answer to our deepest needs. 

Please keep her in your prayers, and bring yours before Him.

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Peter will invite us to consider our God-given purpose and power at this critical moment in history... and set the stage for the Lift Jesus Higher Rally in November. Make the time. Join us.  
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Denice M. Hinojosa | Life in Death (6:36)

Denice was 13 when her mom was diagnosed with terminal cancer. It was the occasion for her to encounter the living God. Listen to her short, moving story. The God of miracles is not a record of distant past, but alive and present. Listen now. Share it. God is in every story. Discover Him in yours.


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