Subject: Here's a little secret...

“Or am I not free to do as I wish with my own money?
Are you envious because I am generous?”
Matt. 20:1-16 (MORE)

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Dear Friends, a little secret...

The weekly Live IT VIDEO and Live IT GUIDE are a kind of family confession. These come from our own taking a hard look in the mirror. They're based upon the Gospel's most compelling challenge to us. 

We're genuinely concerned that Catholic witness is often too artificial, too manufactured... more about how we'd like to appear, than who we really are.  

The world is starving to know Jesus Christ, for real, not just some idealized concept. As such, we're called to the "Bethlehem factor"... an authentic portrait, our "working it out" reality of a smelly stable. 

The absence of such realism, the compelling nature of God's chosen means of making His presence known, deprives the world from really encountering Him.  

So hear ye! Hear ye, WORLD! 

The heart of our IGNITE, LIT Gatherings, and LIT Retreats, and IGNITE Radio (coming October 7)... all this stuff, is simply this:

We are incomplete. We are struggling. We are in constant need of God's grace. It is precisely our poverty and privation that impels us towards Him, Who alone is our Provision. Without our sin, we have no need for a Savior!

So, for our Live IT witness to the world, who's ready to get Real? 

This Sunday Jesus challenges us. He tells the story of the ungrateful, entitled, envious workers (Matt. 20:1-16). They've worked all day, but receive the same as those who worked less. They're whining: "That's not fair! You like him better! Gimme, gimme! I deserve!"  

       Here are some key questions in this week's LIT Gathering Guide

       1) Are we more fixed on blessings we'd like, or blessings we have

       2) How does fixation on others' blessings, denial of our own blessings, 
       rob us of relationship with the Blesser?

       3) How would our lives be different if we were more anchored in 
       the Blesser, than in (our false perceptions of) His blessings?

We know you're busy. Put a flag in your home for Jesus Christ: schedule time to talk and pray as a family.  

Please keep us in your prayers and be assured of ours for you.

Greg and Stephanie Schlueter
+ Image Trinity | Mass Impact Board and Team

Live IT Episodes 

Weekly Live IT episodes have been airing on CatholicTV, reaching a prospective "on air" audience of between 5-6 million, compounded by an increasing number of parish websites throughout the world (contact us for how to do this).

These accompany the weekly Live IT Gathering Guide and Live IT Candles. Based upon subsequent Sunday readings, these Live IT Gatherings are a means for the Holy Spirit to break out into every home (or gathered groups), for us to be engaged as participants in the ultimate drama 

IGNITE RADIO [Prime Time Tuesday Night] begins weekly, October 7. 
Mass Impact Voices

From Pat and Linda Kemper Family
"We were so blessed to be able to attend the IGNITE Banquet last week. We were so incredibly moved by the passion, commitment and heart of the people assembled in that room.

"We arrived at the banquet with a set donation in mind, but after hearing the challenges of Peter Herbeck and Mike McCartney in particular, Pat leaned over to me and said, 'Let's stretch and go all in.' 

"I smiled and agreed wholeheartedly. Light it UP! We're all in with you and will always be. Be assured of our unwavering support and constant prayers for you, your family and this movement... ALWAYS!"

We are currently at $18,500 of our goal of $30,000- minimal sustainability of this movement until our next Banquet preceding our first Presence for Christmas on December 1. HEAR "IGNITE the Planet" FANFARE AUDIO.

Mass Impact is an outreach of Image Trinity.

In our capacity to love, we Image the Trinity.
We are engaging families in the great adventure of our identity and mission:
Make Love Known

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