Subject: LIVE NOW: Hear the short fanfare from IGNITE Banquet... (+MORE)

“For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son,
so that everyone who believes in him might not perish
but might have eternal life.”
John 3:13-17 (MORE)

IGNITE TONIGHT (9.9) 7pm Most Blessed Sacrament, Toledo
IGNITE TOMORROW (9.10) 7pm St. Joseph, Marblehead
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GO HERE and hear the inspiring "Our Catholic Moment" audio fanfare from the IGNITE Banquet featuring Peter Herbeck.
Greetings in Christ Friends:

The IGNITE Banquet (+ IGNITE) was fabulous, reinforcing that we are truly "surrounded by such a great crowd of witnesses." (Heb. 12:1) It's the breakout of the New Evangelization, and now we've been given the gift of a wonderful new Shepherd!

Here is a 13 minute fanfare from the Banquet featuring Peter Herbeck and others. The pledge sheet highlights the traction.  

We invite you to please help us advance this movement. Our Board and Team (spanning 9 regions in Ohio) have been praying for us to attain these goals:

(1) Raising $30,000 enabling minimal sustainability for the next 3 months.

(2) Pledges from just 5% of you reading this right now, that you would be moved to partner with us, whether small or large

Of Banquet participants, thus far just over 10% have responded with pledges totaling $13500! 

In addition to the expansive outreach, with your generosity we will be able to broadly reach our region during Advent with the simple message: "This year give PRESENCE for Christmas." This will be integrated with our Presence for Christmas events:

St. Joan of Arc / Fr. Adam Hertzfeld - December 1 [Also next Banquet]
Holy Trinity / Fr. Mike Dandurand - December 15
Little Flower / Fr. David Nuss - December 22

We are praying for the Holy Spirit to flow from Eucharistic moments into a Eucharistic movement. We invite you to join us now in putting a flag in the sand for Jesus Christ by scheduling weekly time to talk and pray in our homes with the Live IT Gathering Guide. Check out the Live IT Candle, a means to expand moment into movement.

Please keep us in your prayers and be assured of ours for you.

Greg and Stephanie Schlueter
+ Image Trinity | Mass Impact Board and Team

In our capacity to love, we Image the Trinity. 
Hope for the world. Right now. Believe IT. Live IT.

Mass Impact: US

From Dr. Ana Thompson Anders, MD
"I know this is real. I see my patients in so much spiritual pain, searching, yet empty, because many have left the Faith. The ball was dropped for them by their religious leaders who sought to transform Christ into just a feeling and not a true presence. This ministry is awakening so many to the fact that Christ IS real, IS present and wishes to bestow His graces upon us through His very Body and Blood. God used [Mass Impact] as a key to unlock the Truth of Him to be poured out for all. [Mass Impact] has helped us more than you will ever know. We are praying and we will keep donating to the cause because, above all, we are not suffering physical loss, but in America, a spiritual void which is yearning to be filled. The next step would be to have an IGNITE at the Catholic schools. I believe it would consume this town. These kids are bold, and they want truth, and they will by pyre’s for Christ and go forth to IGNITE other teens!"

From Amber Fessler, FOCUS 
"My roommate and I began praying through your Live IT Gathering Guide a few times each week to help us prepare for the Sunday Mass and to grow as teammates.... The Live IT Videos have been a particular source of joy for me to laugh, smile, learn and grow with you all.  It also helps me feel not so far from home...."  

Mass Impact is an outreach of Image Trinity. We Image the Trinity. We are engaging families in the great adventure of their identity and mission:
Make Love Known.

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IMAGE TRINITY, 7433 FOX LANE, HOLLAND, OHIO 43528, United States
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