Subject: What if it's true...?

“For whoever wishes to save his life will lose it,
but whoever loses his life for my sake will find it.”
Matt 16:21-27 (MORE)

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What if it's true... all recent popes have said, that there is no mission more urgent than the New Evangelization? 

Our parents and grandparents spoke of the great challenges of their day, and their heroic responses that would forever define their generation. Our great call in this day is no less urgent, requiring a response no less heroic.

Look at the tumult around. Experience it within. Is there any other answer? 

In a unique way, we are His answer to prayer. God made His life-transforming grace dependent upon you and me. We are His Church

Consider how God has gifted you personally to be His Answer. 

Right now God sees your home, your parish, this diocese, this state... ablaze in the fire of His love. This is His great desire (Luke 12:49). He sees a multitude united in the great adventure for more than a mere moment, but a life-defining movement. That the whole world know. (View Latest Living IT video)

It is happening. It is real. 

Come experience it for yourself. Next week, Thursday, September 4-- join Peter Herbeck, numerous pastors and believers like yourself, moved by the heart of God in this great mission, at our first-ever IGNITE New Evangelization Banquet (LINK), which will be followed by our next IGNITE. 

Who are we? We are ordinary. Incomplete. Imperfect. Mission-purposed. Called. Gifted. A growing multitude of pastors and parishioners across Ohio commonly moved by the heart of God in simply believing that what He calls us to, He will provide for

Be one of the we. Help us say YES to:
  • Igniting parishes (and all they are called to reach) in 9 regions throughout this state. 
  • Weekly IGNITE Radio [Prime Time Tuesday Nights] premiering on Annunciation Radio on September 16. 
  • Continuation of weekly Living IT Gathering Guide and Video, reaching globally through CatholicTV. 
  • A major, culture-impacting Presence for Christmas campaign, inviting all during Advent to "Give Presence for Christmas" - and to join in one of the three P4C parish locations. 
We believe our plans will have a life-transforming impact on a multitude. We appeal to the heart of our Giver through you whom He has gifted: these plans are dependent upon our raising $100,000 in the next couple months. Your gift will be multiplied. At present we have matching grants for $10,000, $5,000, $1,000 and $100. With your prayers and donation we will make culture-defining difference. (CONTRIBUTE)

With you in the game, we have a winning team. 

Above all, we know the difficulties God allows each of us to face are His very hands molding us for His purposes, to reveal Jesus to the world. We know it is not always easy. Whatever you may be going through right now, please know you are not alone. Please be assured of our daily prayers for you and your family, as you continue to respond to His Grace. We are united with you in particular through daily Mass and our Friday Adoration. God bless you.


Look around. 

We're a world in need of salvation. Each of us are uniquely called, equipped and needed to take our place in the New Evangelization.  

Please join us in the first ever IGNITE New Evangelization Banquet Thursday, Sept. 4, featuring Peter Herbeck (Crossing the Goal) and other area pastors and leaders.

You will be deeply moved by God's invitation for you to take your place in the New Evangelization-- as a uniquely gifted member of this mission-purposed, Catholic community of believers. 

Peter will invite us to consider our God-given purpose and power at this critical moment in history... and set the stage for the Lift Jesus Higher Rally in November. Make the time. Join us.  
Thursday, 9.4.2014 | 5pm
St. Joan of Arc, Toledo 

 (REGISTRATION HERE)                 IT's about time. 
Denice M. Hinojosa | Life in Death (6:36) LINK

Denice was 13 when her mom was diagnosed with terminal cancer. It was the occasion for her to encounter the living God. Listen to her short, moving story. The God of miracles is not a record of distant past, but alive and present. Listen now. Share it. God is in every story. Discover Him in yours.


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NEW EVANGELIZATION BANQUET - 9.4.2014 (featuring Peter Herbeck)
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