Subject: The big question: Are you Trinitarian?

Are You Trinitarian?

For many of us, a personal relationship with Jesus Christ is not the challenge. We make time to pray. We read Scripture and invest in spiritually-enriching opportunities. We generally seek to have Christ's heart and mind throughout the day.

Our challenge: Are we Trinitarian?

Jesus' entire purpose and mission was and is to usher us into the life of the Holy Trinity. Our entire identity and mission is to Image the Trinity. Is IT happening? Is your personal relationship spilling over into your marriage and family? Are you doing IT together? And not as another program, but as a way of life? 

Marriage and family are God's supply of our deepest desire for intimacy. Even more, He designed IT this way not simply for us, but for HIS purpose: to make Him who IS LOVE, known.

We will not be fully happy, or fulfilled, if we do not embrace our identity and mission in our marriages and families as a Trinitarian people.

Hard truth: If we're not Trinitarian, we're not Christian. 

We can have the most vibrant personal and "private" spiritual life, but if our marriages and families are not the primary context, the primary place of our intentional, joyful, spiritual "overflow," we're Christian in name only.

Jesus didn't form the disciples to be isolates. He didn't form them to hide out. He didn't form them to keep to themselves. He didn't give faith as a kind of personal property, but an occasion for Holy Communion. He made them a missioned community of disciples. (Acts. 4:32-34) He sent them to make other such communities. (Matt. 28:19) Family is the most "fundamental cell of society," and home, a school of discipleship. (Pope St. John Paul II) 

Yes, we know the obstacles.

We understand the prominence of spouses who are not on the same page. Or who make excuses that faith is something "private." Or who dismiss shared, authentic, meaningful prayer because it's "not their thing."

We understand the prominence of home cultures overtaken by isolating gadgets. 

We understand the spiritually-anesthetizing affect of the Enemy's poison-dart whispers to us:
"You're too busy!"
"You're better than they are!"
"At least you don't do that...!" 

We get the nagging in the heart of all good, spiritually-attuned parents who know they only have a short season to accomplish their most important mission. Who know their success is not measured by forming their children to avoid evil, but to become authentic, compelling, culture-changing saints.  

And we get that too many feel beleaguered by mistakes made, opportunities missed, feeling the ship has passed... not aware that regardless of the situation, regardless of their place in life, God uniquely calls and equips them as parents to be instruments of great transformation. (Rom. 12:1-2)

Answer the Call.

If any of this speaks to you, join us. Our Praying With Fire Conference (Pentecost, June 4, Regina Coeli Parish) is all about being ushered into the life of the Holy Trinity.

In addition to impactful, inspiring, relevant teaching on 
     - 7 Keys to a Missioned Community
     - 7 Keys to a Missioned Family
     - Catholic Foundations: Life in the Spirit

And then TOGETHER we're going to seek a greater outpouring of the Holy Spirit in ABLAZE-- amazing praise and prayer before Jesus Christ. 

Our team believes God wants this so much that we don't want money to be an obstacle. If 25% off helps, please use the code "25FIRE." If GOING FREE is what will get you there, please do not hesitate right now to use the code "GETLIT." )

The main thing is to respond in faith. Make the commitment now. GO: We simply ask that your commitment be solid (as it costs us $25/person and involves calculation of food costs and preparation).

EASY EVANGELIZATION: Just share this. Right now. Set aside fear. Step into it. It could make an eternal difference. 

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