Subject: Live IT this Week: Lazarus and Minions (According to Grace)

JN 11:1-45
"Untie him and let him go."

Jesus raised Lazarus. Why didn't he unbind him?

It's an interesting question. Here's Grace's amusing but insightful take on the subject, incorporating her favorite, little friends, the Minions (GO).

If you've been doing the Live IT Gathering
(GO) every week you know the kind of tremendous support and encouragement you get. You're discovering God more fully alive in your family and/or group, not limited to a fleeting program, but as a way of life.

We've been giving testimony
(Rev. 12:11)
  • The married couple who went from nearly signing divorce papers, to leading other couples.
  • The young teen whose experience was so powerful that he led his parents back to church.
  • The single mom with younger children who described this as a "culture changer."

If you missed last Tuesday's
IGNITE Radio Live!, go now and listen at (or stream from the FREE APP). You'll hear on-fire Catholic young people share powerful testimony of how their lives are being transformed.  These are among the more than 50 who now gather at our home every week. It's entirely teen-led. And it's been going for more than a year!

How about you?
One year from now how different do you expect your family, group or parish to be as a result of commitments you're making now? Do you share with us a deep desire for more than another program, but a way of life in Jesus Christ?

If so, we really encourage you to fix your eyes on our Praying With Fire Conference on Pentecost Sunday. Go check it out now at Use the 50% discount code "FIRE"-- a limited number available for a limited time!

Above all, know how truly and deeply, God loves you!

Greg and Stephanie Schlueter

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