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Matt. 3:1-12

From Greg Schlueter:
Recently a number of Catholic brothers and I were gathered together. We were discussing the latest news. (Yeah. What a mess!) This led to discussing how plugged in we are to the news.

Whether by newspaper, radio, web or television, on average each of us spend more than a couple hours a week.

Of course, this moved us to consider...

What real difference did being plugged in to the news make? While important, what real power do we have there? Moreover, how are we engaged in areas where we actually can make a difference?

So, I love this group of men. They want more than Catholic conversation, where we all nod our heads but leave no different. I love this group of men because we know how we all fall short, but even more, we share an awareness that we've been put on this planet for a reason. We want the hard questions. Even more, we want to be difference makers. We want to act upon them.

And so we asked ourselves...

Given the hours we spend plugged into the news (where we're essentially helpless), how much time do we spend plugged in to our families? Are we attuned to what really matters... in the hearts of our wives and children? Could we communicate this? Would they say our lives, our interactions with them, are guided by this love for them? In fact, do they know we're actively praying for them?

In our homes, how much are we leading them in talking and praying in meaningful ways?

Let's just say it: Ouch! Most of us gave ourselves an "F".

And we further considered: If we're failing in these regards, in the most sacred areas entrusted to us by God, what does anything else happening in the world really matter?

If today we faced our Maker, what would be our account?

We agreed: How easy it is for us to be about discipleship on Sundays. Even our respective faith groups and activities. But how difficult it is to live it and lead in our homes.

The conversation evolved in a manly way. Nice thoughts. But what are we going to do about it?

Three things emerged.
First, we have to get in the game ourselves. We committed to really repenting ("to turn"). We committed to seeking the heart of God. We committed to dedicated times of prayer. We committed to seeking God's heart for our wives and families. We committed to being an occasion of support for one another.

Second, we committed to the Live IT Challenge. What's that? View this week's short Live IT.  And we're going to mark this significant commitment by bringing our families to Presence for Christmas this Thursday. (Discount extended through today only. Go HERE:

Third, we are gathering for a retreat this coming Saturday. We'll be prayerfully processing how, by a result of the commitments we make now, December, 2017 might mark each of our homes being more evidently cultures alive in Jesus Christ, and how we might engage and support many, many more in the same.

Please know our earnest interest is culture-wide transformation. We're interested in everyone more fully encountering and living for Jesus Christ. But we're aware that this must begin with men coming together with mission and purpose, to become a "band of brothers"-- to repent and seek sacrificial, Godly hearts for our wives, families, parishes and world.

So men, if this speaks to you, if you're moved to get in the game, we want to know who you are. Contact me:

THIS WEEK put a flag in the sand for Jesus Christ:
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With all my heart, thank you for encouraging me to attend IGNITE Praying with Fire event on Pentecost. The speakers and the music were par excellence and would have made for a great event on their own, but what I experienced during adoration was truly remarkable. It was without question the most spiritual encounter I have ever experienced.

You know that I am a no BS guy.
I expected Eucharistic Adoration to be prayerful and holy, but as things progressed I could feel something sort of building up within the chapel... and welling up inside of me.

Something compelled me to go up to one of the prayer groups. I didn’t know what to do or what to expect. The leader of the group asked me what I would like them to pray for, so I told him. I started praying with them.

Within a few seconds I felt like I was under water in a pool filled with hundreds of voices, speaking a language I could not understand. It was on one hand extraordinarily intense and on the other, very peaceful. Throughout the church it seemed like what had been building up suddenly broke like water cresting over a dam. The place was just filled with the Holy Spirit!

It was the first time in my life that I had experienced the Holy Spirit in such a visceral way. There really aren’t any words that adequately describe the encounter. It was new and unexpected like a really great gift. I don’t know that I will ever look at my faith or approach spirituality in the same way again. The experience has changed me profoundly.

Thank you and all of the PWF team for organizing such a wonderful, truly spiritual event. I believe that I will look back at this event as having been a pivot point in my spiritual life.

Bill Noltner is a parishioner at Little Flower Parish and a member of Faith in Business team with Mass Impact.

Mark your calendar now for our next IGNITE Praying with Fire Conference on Pentecost, June 4, 2017. Join us for our next Ablaze! on Sunday, February 19 (HERE). For more information on how your parish can more fully become a dynamic community of missionary disciples, please go HERE.

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